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Explorer Post Vex Teams Win at States

Two VEX Robotics teams, the Pineapple Pigs (high school team 6002A) and All About that Base (middle school team 9812C) from The Explorers of Engineering and Technology Post 1882 of Haymarket won the Virginia State VEX Robotics competition on February 21.

VEX Robotics, sponsored by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation, is an engineering based game that allows students with interests in STEM fields to have access to high-quality programs. This year’s competition is a game called Skyrise. “The Explorer Post and our sponsors are extremely proud and excited for all four of our VEX teams. In their inaugural year as a Post, three of our four VEX robotics teams qualified for the Virginia State Championships and two qualified for the VEX World Championship. The one VEX team that did not qualify for states, is an all elementary school team of two young ladies and one young man – very rare to have elementary students who compete against middle school and high school teams. In fact they only narrowly missed qualifying for the VA state tournament,” Jarret said. The Pineapple Pigs 6002A and All About that Base 9812C will continue on to the VEX Robotics World Competition in Louisville, Kentucky April 15-18 and represent Virginia in a competition of 900 VEX teams from around the world. Aside from competing, The Explorer Post strives to teach the young aspiring engineers about the profession. The Explorer Post 1882 is chartered and sponsored by the US STEM Foundation. The Explorer Post is led and managed by Mr. Scott Jarret.

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