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To inspire the next generation of STEM professionals leveraging programs, hands-on activities, services, and strategies that will engage, educate, develop, and create responsible citizens.


The US STEM Foundation vision is to grow a national talent base of students that will become the next generation of STEM professionals as well as responsible citizens that value the power of community outreach.

About the US STEM Foundation

The US STEM Foundation was established to orchestrate a partnership connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics businesses and professionals with students to make a real difference in the lives of our youth and the future of our community. Together, our current mentors and volunteers are striving to make a difference and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.


US STEM Foundation exists for a simple reason: to provide the skill set necessary for a new generation of youth and to build a community in which academics and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) can flourish.


US STEM Foundation is a catalyst for success, bringing together industry professionals and scholastically curious students to foster growth and friendships that last a lifetime.

US STEM subsidizes, organizes, develops and delivers hands-on technical activities for our students. A vast number of our students have gone off to top universities across the United States in pursuit of STEM degrees. These students stay active as leaders in their schools, professional societies, and communities. US STEM also provides scholarships to students with financial needs for higher education in STEM fields. 

We have nurtured unfocused youth to grow and achieve high honors in a broad range of academics. Our reserved students step out of their shell into technical leadership roles. 

There is a dire need for the services the US STEM Foundation provides as evident by the critical unmet demand for engineers, scientists, and technology specialists - a core challenge US STEM is embracing.

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